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Aqua Veggies™ Superfood from the Sea for Pets, 75g

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  • Small Dog/Cat 30 x 2.5 g Daily Superfood Packs (Month Supply)
  • Muti-Vitamin/Digestion/Skin&Coat/Immunity/Energy



Aqua Veggies™ Superfood from the Sea is an amazing nutrition booster for cats and dogs.

Specially chosen to optimize nutrition, this organic blend of dulse, knotted wrack, laminaria longicruris, wakame, kombu, sea lettuce and nori provide many natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements from the sea. Simply sprinkle the pre-measured quantity of sea veggies on your pet’s favorite food. Designed with you in mind, the individual packets are convenient for travel with just the right amount of sea veggies for your pet each day. Simply choose from our two formulas; cat/small dog and medium/large dog formula. Each box contains a month’s supply.

You’ll feel good about giving your pet a happier, healthier life. Power up your pet with Superfood from the Sea!


  • Packed with Daily Multi-Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids
  • Amazing for Digestion
  • Incredible Healthy Skin and Coat
  • Skin Allergies/Dandruff
  • Anti-oxidants and Immunity
  • pH balance Alkalinity
  • Strong Bones, Joints and Teeth
  • Regulates Energy Levels
  • Thyroid Function for Weight Control
  • Anti-cancer Compounds
  • Heart Protection


Sun-dried to preserve active enzymes and nutrients. Hand-Harvested from the highest tides in the world; the cold pristine waters of the Bay of Fundy provide us with the highest quality of sea vegetables possible. Certified Organic to ensure the highest standards of purity and sustainability.

Tested for heavy metals to ensure purity. From our shores to your doors, enjoy!


100% Organic dulse, knotted wrack, laminaria longicruris, wakame, kombu, sea lettuce and nori. Hand-Harvested, Sun-Dried Bay of Fundy (Grand Manan, Canada)

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

6 reviews for Aqua Veggies™ Superfood from the Sea for Pets, 75g

  1. Terri

    Great Product my Dogs eat it with there supper with no issues.

  2. Charles

    I mix them in with my dogs wet and dry food and they don’t seem to mind this at all. The packets a nice and easy to use.

  3. Lisa Jones

    I’ve been adding Superfood from the Sea to my dogs food every day for 2 weeks now and they love it!!  Brownie my aussie mix that has minor skin allergies has been itching a lot this summer but have noticed an improvement since adding the aqua veggies.  I also love that it comes from the waters of where I’m from:) Thank you

  4. REX

    This is a great high quality product that is formulated with excellent ingredients. It comes fresh and conveniently packaged in individual daily servings. I followed the instructions and mixed it into our cats wet food. My cats eat it without any issues and it seems to give them more energy. This is an excellent product that is exactly as described.

  5. Carol

    My beagle seems to think it is pretty delicious and I like that he is having something good for him. He is prone to stomach and digestive issues though I think it’s mainly due to eating inappropriate things any chance he gets LOL so I am not expecting any miracles but he does seem to really like them.

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